New updates in VisionFlow

Have you seen our new updates in VisionFlow? Maybe you’ve seen a few, but we’ve made a bunch! Here’s a list of everything that’s been improved.

These are the main changes made in the system since the release of  VisionFlow 14.6.

Related to GDPR

  • + Improved user anonymization function (better and faster)
  • + Improve issue anonymization (blank-out) function

User interface and usability

  • + Issues view – improve performance
  • + Email should not be mandatory for contacts
  • + Better visualize Project name when issue is opened in new tab
  • + Improved image preview window for big images
  • + Parent issue key is clickable in dashboard and you can execute the context menu on it also (right-click)

Company management

  • + Batch update now possible on issue tab

User management

  • + Quick link between user and company
  • + Batch update now possible on issue tab
  • + Users created via email or api should have “Receive notifications” enabled in profile settings by default
  • + User search in parent company should also show users in sub-companies

Support center

  • + Improve default support center html template to look better (for new workspaces/projects). If you want to use this, you can create a new workspace/project and copy from there.

Configuration/asset management

  • + 50 more custom fields can now be added

Issue management

  • + New billable field – setting this to true or false should set work logs accordingly
  • + New contract field – contains matching contracts for user and/or company. This field controls the SLA field and billing/cost rates, if they are set on contracts
  • + SLA field should not be manually editable on issue if the contract field is used on issues
  • + It should be possible to send emails to subscribers on an issue easily
  • + Improved performance on issue table and grids
  • + Improved performance on recurring issues when they load (right side of issue screen)
  • + Quick search on issues for a parent company should also show issues for sub-companies
  • + Improved popup screen for issue description in issues table to show everything.
  • + When the Developer is updated you receive a message “Do you want to change Current Owner to “somebody”, too?”. This is now a project setting instead.
  • + Column width should be remembered by the system in planning board
  • + Make it possible to define project specific priorities
  • + Make the system remember if tree for email templates is expanded or collapsed
  • + Make it possible to store images in email templates

Time management (work logs)

  • + New work log rule – minimum time per work log category
  • + Show only active users in the Time/Expenses list
  • + Add “pause all” and “delete all” option to the “issue timer” menu


  • + Time consuming actions such as “Delete user”, “Anonymize user”, “Delete issue”, “Spam issue” and “Anonymize issue” run as background job for performance reasons.
  • + Show more information about custom issue fields in Issue Configuration settings
  • + Changes to sprint/project-phase date changes should be visible in recent activity and project activity

Contract Management

  • + Batch delete contracts
  • + Cost/billing rates on contract level. These will override values on issue/ticket level

Email Ticket Management

  • + Reply icon should be available on sent emails in issue history
  • + Add setting on email processing rule “Use rules from default ticket system”
  • + Ticket system should support shared mailboxes in Office365/Exchange
  • + Forward icon should not be available on first issue history row on issue


  • + New role permission – View work log exceptions

Knowledge Base

  • + Exporting KB to pdf – Improve readability with more spaces between articles.
  • + Exporting KB to pdf – Same order of articles should be used in export as they are ordered in KB

Rule engine

  • + Possible to add multiple status transition rule criteria in issue rules
  • + “Comment added” rule for issues

Installed version

  • + Support for Java 7 has come to an end, in January 2018. You must upgrade to the latest Java 8 JDK on your application servers as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already
  • + Add “?useSSL=false” to MySQL connection string
  • + Clean up log files from unnecessary debug and error messages
  • + Elastic search engine available for installed version also, for better and faster searching.
  • + Background jobs are made persistent so that they continue if server needs to be restarted
  • + Document search does not always work on the installed version
  • + Unable to attach document to issue for new installations on some platforms
  • + Blank page on “send e-mail” sometimes for some customers
  • + New scheduled job (Quartz) that can be executed weekly to remove old personal data older than 5 years or so.


  • + Fix for occasional email attachment errors
  • + Template should not be default choice in issue search when linking between issues
  • + Remove issue documents page since it crashes when opened due to data volume
  • + Company access – fix visibility problem with emails to/from support issues – sometimes emails are visible for users working at wrong company
  • + Error removing Product/CI attached to a KB article sometimes
  • + Files are sometimes lost when merging 2 issues
  • + Priority export doesn’t work if predefined priorities are not used
  • + Some fields are messed up when exporting issues with “SLA Targets” as additional data
  • + Improve Open tickets/issues report when end dates earlier than current day is used
  • + Not possible to transfer issues between projects sometimes
  • + Not possible to save changes on issue in support center sometimes
  • + Removing group from user from Users tab on workspace/project will also remove all groups in list below it
  • + System wrongly asks if you want to delete related issues when trying to delete user even though none exists
  • + Tab title reduplicates issue number when opening issue in its own tab from Kanban board
  • + Unable to create new issue before opening project
  • + TicketId counter does not always work when > 100 000 issues have been reached
  • + Sometimes the screen it “blank” if session has timed out